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Personal Training & Online Coaching For Strong Women, inside and out

Hey beautiful. Yeah I’m talking to you. Because before we get started I want you to know that whatever you might think, and whatever the fitness industry is telling you – You Are Beautiful. Got that? Good. Now we are getting somewhere.

I don’t know about you, but I am bored AF of being told by the media how women should look. I want gorgeous women, women just like you, to feel like the total badass goddesses that they are.

And so I am super excited to welcome you to BarBelles; a personal training service that goes so much deeper than getting you ‘summer ready, because I already know you’re smokin’ in that bikini you total hottie. It’s about getting you to the point where fitness, nutrition and healthy living helps you know that too. It’s getting those of you who have been too scared to step into the male-dominated weights area of your gym put those bros to shame with your awesome technique and general badassery. It’s leaving our disordered habits around food and feelings of shame and guilt behind. It’s about joining an empowering community of like-minded women who kick ass not just in the gym but in their careers and day to day lives too.

Personal Training Malta

One-to-one training with me in the gym. A real geek for technique, sessions are perfect for newbie and seasoned gym-goers alike. Whether you’re looking to get hella strong, tone up for that holiday or shed a few pounds, you get the individual attention you need to not only achieve your goals but surpass them.

Online Personal Training

With a completely personalised programme for you to follow each month and with ongoing support throughout you’ll feel like I’m in the gym with you every step of the way. Get the same level of accountability, support and experienced know-how you would expect from in-person training wherever you are in the world.

Nutrition Coaching

Got your own programming down but need a little support on the nutrition side? I’m your girl. With a focus on learning good habits and enjoying food rather than setting ourselves up for failure with restriction, I can guarantee you’ll find my approach to nutrition wonderfully refreshing.

How can I help you?

I am super bored with the fitness industry telling us women that we aren’t good enough, so I believe in offering a coaching service that goes so much deeper than just losing weight. Joining the BarBelles Squad is about helping you fall in love with fitness, with being strong, with being the total goddess that I already know you are. Whether you come to me for one to one personal training in Malta, online personal training or just nutrition coaching I know I can arm you with the tools to not only smash your physique goals but also help you feel better about yourself than ever before…

Let’s take your training to new heights

Get in touch now to book in a free consultation call and we can have a chat about your fitness goals and how I can help you achieve them!


6 + 5 =

 “I really enjoyed my training sessions with Anna. Despite me being a complete beginner, I never felt stressed about the exercises we were doing, as it was completely modified and designed for me and my ability. She also designed the programme around my goals, teaching me techniques and explaining what each of the moves did, and how they would help me to reach my end goal.
Anna taught me so much during our sessions, not just about the task in hand, but also about form and nutrition. Most importantly, she helped me to enjoy exercise, something I had previously never thought possible!”

– Alice

“I worked with Anna on an 8-week weight training programme last year following years of basing my gym activities on YouTube and hearsay. I must say that the results I’ve seen and achieved following those 8 weeks are by far much greater than the ones I’ve seen before.

Anna is extremely detailed and proficient in how she trains her clients, and her approach towards achieving technique first before attempting to break your PB (or back) is the best thing you could ever get from a personal trainer.”

– Eddie