It’s that time of the year: it’s cold, it’s dark, it’s a little bit miserable and the gym is getting emptier and emptier by the day. All that momentum from New Year’s resolutions is slowly petering out. Sounds pretty bleak…but it doesn’t have to be! I want to let you know, that even though you might be feeling a little demotivated, your goals are still completely achievable. You just need to remember the importance of consistency.

Yup, it seems obvious, but you can’t eat healthy occasionally and go to the gym once a month and expect results. Ok, that’s extreme. I know most of you who read my posts know better than that. But it’s worth repeating: you need to be consistent if you want to achieve your goals. So, here are my top handy tips to help you stay consistently kicking ass in the gym and life.

Consistency Tip 1: Get a training plan

Seriously. Stop going into the gym, doing whatever you’re seeing your favourite Insta ‘fitfluencer’ is doing that day and hoping that you’ll get results. A training plan that you consistently follow and progress on over months is the absolute best way to ensure you’re achieving your goals this year.

Even a bad training programme followed properly is going to give you better results than no plan. Think about what a good training plan could do for you. A well-designed plan should be targeted to your goals, fit in around your lifestyle and have the proper mix of stress and recovery for best results.

Want a personalised plan that takes into account your lifestyle, goals and likes/dislikes? Hit me up girl, my online coaching has your back.

Consistency Tip 2: Take a balanced approach

It’s no secret, I believe in balance. I know that we see this word floating around the ‘Gram all the time, normally along with a picture of a pizza. But really, balance is just common sense. There is zero point in hitting the gym for an insane training session that leaves you so sore and fatigued that you can’t get back in to train for the rest of the week. Same when it comes to diet, there is no point banning your favourite treat if it means you feel restricted and end up going on a mega-binge after a week.

It comes back down to finding a programme that fits your lifestyle. If doing a Bro split five times a week is too intense for you (and so not necessary for a beginner lifter!) then you’re more likely to be consistent in both your attendance and effort with a three times a week full body programme. And if you love your chocolate you’re far more likely to be consistent if you make room in your calories for a square or two each day. Bam! Now that’s the balance.


Consistency Tip 3: Prioritise your training schedule

Let’s say you’ve decided that training three times a week works best for you. Now let’s make sure you actually stick to it by popping it in your weekly schedule. Pick a time when you can train, and prioritise that. If you’re an early bird then put your training in before work three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday seems sensible here!) and mark it out in your diary. There’s something about writing things down that really makes you more likely to do it. Especially if you treat your gym appointment just as you would a work meeting or catch up with friends.

Do the same with your food. Diarise when you’re going to do your food shop and your meal prep. Set that time aside and hold it sacred. Your health and happiness is a priority, so the time and effort that goes into improving it should be too.

Consistency Tip 4: Do It Anyway

As with all things, there are going to be days where you just don’t want to train. I say it a lot, but motivation isn’t a neverending well you can keep dipping in to, every now and then it dries out. And that’s where routine and self-discipline need to take over. You know, deep down, that being consistent is the only way you’re going to achieve what you want to achieve. Take that knowledge, and unless you’re literally keeling over with flu, get your butt to the gym at your chosen, scheduled time come what may. Honestly, you’ll feel so much better for it. I genuinely never regret doing a workout, only missing one I know I should have done.

Consistency is everything

So there you have it. Get a plan that works for you, plan it in and stick to it. And don’t expect results to happen over night – this strength training thing is a long game. Enjoy the process, and if you need help staying consistent then you know where I am!